The importance of supporting our local communities and trying to live more sustainably has not been greater in our lifetime.  Living through a pandemic has shown us many things under a microscope, and we, as farmers, have had to re-examine every step of our daily work and processes.  Making big changes to longtime-running industry standards and practices can seem impossible, at times, but where we can, we'd like to try to make a difference for the betterment of the planet.  This is an enormous part of why we grow flowers.  Here are some of the things we have learned about our business and the floral industry in our quest to make a positive impact.  

  • Approximately 80% of flowers sold in Canada are imported.
  • We can grow hundreds of varieties of popular flowers, right here in Ontario.
  • We care about the environment and strive to encourage soil health and important biodiversity and maintain sustainable practices, such as crop diversity, integrated pest management, and water conservation.
  • Many imported flowers are grown with the aid of harsh chemical pesticides, in order to control diseases and pests; the flowers may, still, carry these pesticides with them, when they arrive in your home.
  • Imported flowers bring with them an enormous carbon footprint, due to the many factors involved with shipping these precious beauties -- transportation, energy, refrigeration, packaging, storage... 
  • We harvest our flowers for bouquets and wholesale within one or two days of delivery/sale to our customer; imported flowers are often harvested a week or more before they are in a florist's hands.
  • We care about our employees and our working conditions, and we are committed to creating and upholding a comfortable, friendly, and absolutely bias-free environment for anyone who is on our farm.
  • Many imported flowers are grown under stressful conditions for their employees -- low income, long hours in harsh natural environments, heavy use of harsh chemicals...
  • Many flowers have been bred over time for characteristics like longer stem length, uniformity, and stem strength for travel; with these sought-after qualities comes a price, however, and many flowers will lose things like their natural scent in the breeding process.
  • We love to grow and experiment, and we grow a wide variety of flowers with minimal interference: we want the flowers to do their thing! and to smell how they want to smell :) like our grandmas.